Marketing Techniques You Can Try To Promote Your Pet Store

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Owning a pet store means you have the responsibility of finding homes for a variety of animals. With more and more people seeking out breeders to buy their kittens and puppies from or going online to social media sites in search of pets, it can be hard to draw customers in to buy animals the old-fashioned way. Here are techniques you can try to promote your pet store.

Feature an animal of the week

Every week, feature a pet you have in your store on your social media page. Include many pictures or videos of the animal in action to entice the wow or cute factor in potential buyers. Include a background on the animal, including its diet, preferred habitat, fun quirks, and where your pet store acquired the animal from. Even if your featured pet finds a home quickly via this outlet, customers can explore the rest of your store seeking pets and supplies by being drawn in by your pet of the week you've posted online.

Volunteer at animal shelters

A pet store that gives back to the community is always a good thing and shows that you truly care about the welfare of pets in your area. You can volunteer your time or your resources to local animal shelters as a way of marketing your business in a positive way. Whether you clean out kennels a few times a week or donate large bags of pet food to these facilities, the message you send out is that animals matter and aren't just property, which can help people come to your store in search of their new forever friend as inspiration.

Allow the community in

Another way to promote your pet store positively is in letting the community in to help out with the animals you have waiting for a home. You can let a classroom of students take a tour of your store and feed the critters under your supervision, or you can let your more exotic animals, such as turtles or tropical birds, out of their cages for hands-on petting and interaction. The animals benefit from the extra attention and your customers can feel comfortable asking questions about the pets you have in your store, which can lead to more sales as a result.

You can benefit from promoting your pet store by experiencing better customer loyalty and more popularity in your area. When people know you care about the critters you have for sale, they can feel more confident buying from your store over other outlets. For more information, contact a marketing company, such as Brodie & Co.